Mold Prevention:

Every year, thousands of homes in the Miami area fall victim to mold. When it finds a place to thrive, it can quickly grow, and this puts the inhabitants in harm’s way. If you are a homeowner, it is important to ensure you do everything you can to prevent it from cultivating in the first place, and there are some simple prevention techniques that you can employ to best fight mold before it has a chance to develop.

Humidity Control

When people think of mold growth, they often limit their ideas to water damage. After all, mold requires moisture to thrive, and instances such as roof leaks can, indeed, prompt the growth of mold. However, you must not overlook humidity. During the most humid months in Florida (when is it not humid, really!), it is important to ensure the humidity in your home stays below 60 percent. Furthermore, places that are known to be damp such as basements should have a dehumidifier to help control this atmospheric element.

Proper Ventilation

It is crucial to ensure there is proper ventilation in areas where you often use water such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. It is important that your ventilation system uses a fan in order to help facilitate the humidity outside of the home.

Quick Repairs

During the course of home ownership, bad things will inevitably occur. Whether your Miami home has sustained roof damage, a burst pipe, or a flood, it is crucial that you receive repairs as quickly as possible. Not only can standing water severely damage the structure of your home, but it also provides the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Here to Help

While these are all helpful tips to prevent mold, if you suspect a situation may have prompted the mold process to begin, your best prevention method at this point is an inspection. While there, we can let you know which materials are the best to prevent any mold from occurring in the first place. Our engineer background gives us the advantage over other mold “specialists” who aren’t as qualified or knowledgeable. Our Miami based staff has years of experience, and we can help indicate if a problem exists.





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